So it begins…

After months of prep, April 1st is almost here…crazy!

For the first 700 miles (the Mojave Desert) of this 2,650 mile beast my pack will mostly be comprised of this:

Around mid-May I should hit the Sierras (and all the insane snow). Then my pack grows to this (mostly due to a ridiculous bear canister I legally have to carry for a month):

I’m not an ultra-light hiker. I tend to fall just under average pack weight though. When looking most people’s posted pack weights online, they don’t include food and water because of fluctuations of number of days needed. That being said, my “all-in” 3-day weight is ~33 lbs. This includes everything. By contrast, when I hit the Sierras with 8-days of food and cold weather gear, my “all-in”weight is 56 lbs. Gross.

I’ll be resupplying myself from Mexico to Canada using a bounce box. This little (but heavy) guy supplied me for 5-months on my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2012. I would pull necessary supplies from it every few weeks and continuously mail it up the trail. Worked well then, should work well now.

Early flight to San Diego in the morning, a day off, and then starting at sunrise April 1st…


    1. Mostly peanut butter, beef jerky, trail mix, protein powder, and any candy bars I can get my hands on while in a town. I’m also trying something a little different this hike and bringing a stove. So I will be cooking couscous regularly. It has a lot of protein per pound and cooks fast.


  1. Hello! The green box with snacks (call your Mother) was placed there by my husbands aunt and uncle. They have a cabin close to the trail and enjoy filling it with goodies for all the hikers. A few weeks ago we went with them to refill the box and I read some of the journal entries from the hikers. It is very interesting to hear the trail stories and see the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your journey!


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