Chapter 7: Likin’ Lichen

After $80 and a 2.5 hour awkwardly quiet ride with Bob from Kennedy Meadows, Tumbleweed and I made it to Bishop to grab a rental car and then drive 494 miles nonstop to Ashland, OR.

(Coming back for those mountains in July.)

Ashland was a great town. Lots of dogs driving around.

(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

After a hitch up to the trail, we made it to a totally different landscape. Trees. Lichen. Umm… snow? Crap! I thought we skipped the Sierra to dodge the snow?

(Likin’ lichen.)


(Maybe we messed this up?)


Speaking of messing up… Tumbleweed and I had to go around these snow drifts and I was fortunate enough to film this lovely gem (reminder: go to if you want to see the videos given they do not display in the email version.)

Hiking southbound in this section of the trail had an unexpected drawback, un-maintained. We are about 500mi north of northbounders and 500mi south of southbounders. Therefore, the trail maintenance crews are not expecting us. This makes for lots of bushwhacking and log hopping.


(The trail is in there somewhere.)

Eventually, we hobbled down the mountain to Siead Valley and I found this amazing book.

(1975 and hilarious.)

(I feel ya man.)

(Been there.)

(Gonna be there.)

(Have fun being lost dude.)

(Some food habits never cease.)

(I think I have actually seem this outfit here, now.)

After leaving Siead Valley, animals and alpine lakes became more prevalent.


(Looks like an MSR advertisement.)

The sights were pretty wild, but so was the tread. A lot of times the ups were pretty steep compared to the previous 700mi, and also rocky. Felt like I was back on the AT.


Meanwhile, Mt. Shasta was taunting the majority of the hike.

(Glad I’m not summiting that bad boy.)

Eventually we hit a notoriously desolate highway and managed to hitch after only waiting 10min (other hikers waited hours.) Awesome.

(Homeless again.)

(This bun is large. My hand is dead?)

Oh! How could I forget. 15 foot. Yes. The 15 foot. The trail celebrity. Fine. Maybe just in my head. He carries a 15 foot section of water hose for no real reason. I “interview” him trying to understand his motives. Umm. I have no clue what he is talking about. But I’m sure he gets it. What a guy!

As usual, time for that PiCTure dump of randomness…

(Perils of a southbounder.)

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