Chapter 8: Toxicodendron Diversilobum

Yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it either. (Also known as Western Poison Oak.) So I am typing this blog after a steroid shot. Don’t need this stuff spreading any further while going multiple days between showers.

I wear long pants and long sleeve shirt for exactly this reason. However, the oils from the plant stay on your clothes. Best guess, I walked through over grown areas like this:

(After an afternoon mist, it’s like walking through a car-wash.)

Other than The Itchy & Scratchy Show, it’s been pretty tame since Mt. Shasta. Not too many climbs or scenic views.

(More alpine lakes.)

I did see my first bear out here. Apparently they are sort of rare compared to the Appalachian Trail (I saw 10 on it in 2012). However, most of the hikers in this stretch have seen them. For me, a large adult black bear crossed the trail about 75ft in front of me, never looked, and just kept walking. Simple.

(Oh deer.)

The coolest thing I’ve seen in the last 100 or so miles was definitely Burney Falls. I went in with low expectations, but was crazy surprised.

(Yeah, that is a rainbow. Feel the Bern.)

Totally off topic. Everything is prehistorically large too.

(This cotton candy looks crunchy.)

(This dandelion looks baseball-ly?)

(I think this tree knows something I don’t.)


That’s pretty much it y’all.

Ups. Downs. Bugs. The usual. Short week.

Picture time…

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