Chapter 13: PM2.5

I guess the good luck streak is finally coming to an end.

The plan of hiking north from Ashland, OR has taken a detour of sorts…

When trying to hike back to the trail today, this was a warning that was received:

So, instead of making decisions based on one person, why not reach out to other hikers. So then this came through:

Hmm… instead of unquantifiable opinions, how about data? Good ole’ fashioned data:

Well… what about further north to Crater Lake, OR?

Ahh! This trend is no bueno. I guess it now makes sense to go north to Bend, OR.

Yes. The trail is open. Which makes sense. Day hikers can still enjoy it in smaller doses than we’re taking on. After a few days in this smokefest, a lot of thru-hikers are going to Bend, OR. Makes sense now :/

I just need to keep reminding myself that PCT thru-hikers miss sections every year due to fire, snow, etc. It’s a different animal than the AT.

Bed time, then off to Bend, OR in the morning!


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