Chapter 17: Pure Granite Hell

Pros and cons. It’s always pros and cons going through my head out here (and not out here, haha).


Since Snoqualmie Pass, no rain, fairly cool weather, and some pretty epic views.

The cons…

It has been pure granite hell for most of the last 70 miles.

(Looks like Ichabod Crane should be coming through any minute.)

(Because who needs dirt when you can have rocks?)

(What’s that? Need more granite foot massaging? Sure.)

(Let’s make sure the trail goes over that rockslide. Sound good?)

(I really like the spiked ones.)

(Looked grassy from a distance, but nope. Rocks. More. Freaking. Rocks.)

So, it’s one thing to walk on these day after day. It’s another to do it with a nice, deep, poorly positioned blister-thing.

(You can throw-up now…)

So let’s move on to food. The stuff every hiker thinks about. I honestly don’t have the raging hiker hunger I had on the A.T. However, I still do my share of dessert dreaming. This has caused me to look at mushrooms through a unique lens.

(Hamburger bun.)


I had a potato one, but the picture didn’t take. Oh well, imagine a potato. Boom.

I right this blog from the “town” of Skykomish.

There is not a lot going on here. I spent $95 at a Chevron to resupply with 6 days of food. Yes. $95. So that was lame. Also, the food selection wasn’t good (even by gas station standards).

However, I don’t mind. Because my next stop in 5-6 days will be Rainy Pass / Highway 20. AKA… The End. Due to fires, that has now be declared the official end point by the PCT Association.


I’m meeting my mom and aunt there, driving to Canada, then doing a 17 mile out-and-back going south to hit the Northern Terminus that way. Boom. Then I’ll be done. For real though.


  1. Did you eat the pancake? Use tree sap for syrup? I was think oflord of the rings when I saw the rocks. Should see the big spider that stabs Frodo aaaany minute. ( I’m a big nerd).


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