So Much Thanks

My Aunt Terry told me a story recently about a friend of hers who wrote down a sentence or two about everyone she ever met. Thinking that was pretty incredible, I am ripping off the concept.

Below I have listed out people that I have ran across in a that thankful sort of way. It is alphabetical, cause otherwise drama ensues. I just typed the first thing that came to mind, not the best.

Thanks again everyone! 🙂

Aaron installing ceiling fans
Alec driving around in the Gavin-mobile
Alena calling me Timmy, it has grown on me
Alex C/Z your detective and artistic skills
Alex K happy hour at Mitchells
Amanda S enduring your little brother for 30+ years
Amanda V firepit convos
Amos bringing your guitar to work
Andrea all the adventures
Andrew J from an ridiculously early age, hiking, fishing, music, building, etc. together
Andrew GM advice
Ashley going out for ice cream, that never happened
Autumn your bluntness of a situation
Becky keeping that candy drawer stocked
Bee helping mom sell her house
Ben G sharing contact info for nonprofit ideas
Ben T riding a million miles on our bikes
Bill approving those capital requests
BJ S your chef skills
BJ J documenting The Foxridge Pirates
Blake buying and selling homes
Bob beating the shit out of that egg for baked brie
Boomer proving that Styrofoam cups can’t hold gasoline… near fire
BP carrying that insanely large Jansport pack
Brad C your in-class IT skills
Brad W your ridiculous welding skills
Brent driving us around for adventures as a kid
Brian carrying the TV up three flights of stairs
Brittney not killing Chris for befriending me
Brooke Shrimp boil before the A.T.
Cameron talking nerd stuff when camping
Canaan H screaming at a carp and riding dirt bikes
Canaan L watching my amp walk across the floor
Chad being a decent slum lord
Charbie being Sharky
Cheryl going to NYC with my mom
Chris H talking about “what is really important”
Chris W your million dollar ideas
Dad reminding me you can do anything for a little while
Danny sushi talk
Dave G darts in the basement and cigars on the porch
David D being there for dad when he was at Duke
David G being a great animal lover
David S out West conversations
Deanna cookies that are waiting on me after a 6 hour drive
Dennis enjoying the sad songs
Denny hosting a hot sauce tasting in your office
Derek backporch beers
Diana trail talk
Doug III appreciating my metal
Doug Jr. your dance moves
Doug R SW Va talk
Dustin tons of concerts
Ed W inadvertantly sparking me to start a non-profit;
Ed G our discussion at Budina
Eddie helping me realize QA is too black and white for me
Elvin looking like Kim Thayil
Emily John’s surprise b-day party
Gary all the those awesome camping trips
Greg staying for a whole week during the summer as a kid
Jack showing me the ropes
James H rampage and donkers
James S hearing stories about your kids
Jamie not killing me when Chris almost died
Jared K camping in Virginia
Jared R mogwai concert
Jasmine your burthday adventure in Columbus
Jay so many Nirvana covers and bandhouse antics
Jenna listening to Preston and I talk “beef”
Jenne-Marie chilling with my mom when she locked herself out
Jeremy laying down bass tracks into the wee hours of the morning
Jerry C morning convos
Jerry L buying dinner for Morgan and I from a distance
Jim D your love of music
Jimmy watching you climb a tree like a bear
Joe that sweet bald eagle statue
Joel talking about Aberdeen in the 80s & 90s
John P the infamous camping trip with Chris, Kenny, and I
Johnny not killing me
Josh G brakes and rotors
Julie reminding me to get out of Fourth Shift
Kasey answering the phone while on the trail
Kay enduring the Luttrells
Kenny “R & D”
Kim being a great target for various Twix bars
Laura G stand-up paddle boarding trips
Laura S taking Draco for a walk when I was working
Laurie having a gigantic heart
Leigh Ann being an adopted big sister
Lisa saving the fresh mozz sandwich on M & W
Mandy Puerto’s trips with Ashley, Preston, and I
Matt a kindrid spirit in Materials Engineering
Matthew B not freaking out too hard when I fell down a cliff
Matthew H forfeiting some family time to start a non-profit with Noah and I
Matthew L locker conversations
Meyer being a future STEM major
Mike H dueces
Mike H loaning a tiller or two for me to break
Mike J telling your stories
Mike L showing me how to play my first song on guitar
Mike T being amazing at bar games
Mike T late nights with Papa John’s on Mill 2
Mike Z boom boom conversations
Mom not thinking I am (too) crazy
Mommaw B calling a State Trooper a turd
Mommaw C lunch, after lunch, after lunch, after lunch
Monica your love of old school rap
Morgan keeping me on track through high school & college
Nathan W snow, Two Towers, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, apple sauce
Nathan C co-chef
Nic sharing your LASIK recommendation
Nick having a much better memory than me
Nicki W being 5 1/2
Noah everything, literally everything
Nutterbutter 2,184 miles
Patricia baked pear and brie sandwiches
Peanut curling your bottom lip
Perkins building log cabins out of Domino’s wings
Poppaw K my first memory, ever.
Poppaw L camping and fishing trips
Preston your incredible attitude of rolling with the punches
Rachel looking like Kurt Cobain when you were 5 years old
Randy being my adopted angry grandpa
Ravi taking a chance on a new grad
Ray helping recover the hard-drive so Ashley didn’t loose her final paper
Reece breaking the pool ladder
Robbie Mac being an talented git-fiddle partner
Rocky being a solid friend to Gary, Terry, and myself
Ron being an phenomenal operations manager
Rosie camping trips with you, Mike, Rachel, and Andrew
Sarah L your Mario Kart skills during Christmas in the basement
Shor malt vinegar and powdered toast man
Stefan providing entertainment on the thru-hike
Stephanie being great to Seth
Steve B Honey Baked Ham
Sue F being an inspiration to my mom
Suzie GM being my mom’s adopted daughter
Tammy being great to Steph & Seth
Tay Tay waterboarding each other
Teressa amazing food
Terry knowing I’d do the AT and eventually try the PCT
Todd Atlanta antics
Tomo being an understanding landlord
Twana 2-0-7-9
Veronica being a future STEM major
Wes M sharing your kids antics
Wes P loaning me your car for a few hours to ensure my house wasn’t burning down
Zack C your kid-like curiousity
Zack L easy cheese & goldfish