Twitter: TimOnTheAT

So you just finished a brutal 30 mile day. Crossed 4 peaks. Non-stop rain which means zombie feet for 5 days minimum. The thought of one more Cliff Bar = vomit. Peanut butter? You’d rather eat a pile of leaves.

What’s that? You’re suddenly are descending into a gap. You start hearing a sound you haven’t heard in a few days…cars. That means people, which means town, which means hotel, which means zero-day, which means calling people to tell them you are alive, which means telling ~dozen people the same story over and over, which means less shower, less rest, less of a zero day. I know it seems selfish, but this is the last thing you want to do. How to strike a balance? Technology, man. Technology.

Look. I hate social media. Fine, that’s 58% true. It just isn’t my thing. I have never had Facebook and never will. However, I do see the 42% of pros. For a thru-hike, efficiency is key. So, I signed up for a Twitter account on my 2012 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. It was a way to post pics/updates quickly and enjoy a little more R & R at that shady cash-only hostel in the middle of nowhere-ville that looked like at least 3 murders occurred.

Wanna see my Twitter? Clearly.
(sidenote: apparently it got hacked, so a few posts got replaced with pro-Justin Bieber pics. No. I am not a belieber. Post-Metal for life.)

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